On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 01:03:49PM +0100, Laurent Martelli wrote:
> Hello all,
> So I have a view, for which I can select all rows in about 3s (returns ~80k
> rows), but if I add a where clause on a column, it takes +300s to return
> the ~8k lines.
> From the plan, I see that it expects to return only 1 row and so choose to
> perform some nested loops. Of course, I did run "ANALYZE", but with no
> success.
> I managed to speed things up with "set enable_nestloop = false;", but is
> that the only choice I have ? Should I report a bug ?

> Here is the default plan :

Can you resend without line breaks or paste a link to explain.depesz?

The problem appears to be here:

->  Nested Loop Left Join  (cost=32067.09..39197.85 rows=1 width=276) (actual 
time=342.725..340775.031 rows=7359 loops=1)
Join Filter: (sh.share_holder_partner = partner.id)
Rows Removed by Join Filter: 204915707


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