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* Rambabu V ( wrote:
> Please help us to get the query log details from meta data table/command in
> postgresql. aw we are not maintaining log files more than 2 days due to
> lack of space.

It's entirely unclear what you are asking for here when you say "meta
data."  Information about tables is stored in the system catalog,
particularly the "pg_class" and "pg_attribute" tables, but that's
independent from the WAL.  To read the WAL files, you can use pg_waldump
(or pg_xlogdump on older versions), though that's not 'meta' data.

> And also please provide document or sop for database upgrade from 9.3 to
> 9.6, as our database size was 4.5 tb and having table spaces as well. as it
> was production database system we do-not want to take any risk, please help
> us on this as well.

You'll likely want to use pg_upgrade to perform such an upgrade:



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