The most critical bit of advice I've found is setting this preference:

I'm using 4 512GB Samsung 850 EVOs in a hardware RAID 10 on a 1U server with 
about 144 GB RAM and 8 Xeon cores. I usually burn up CPU more than I burn up 
disks or RAM as compared to using magnetic where I had horrible IO wait 
percentages, so it seems to be performing quite well so far. 

Matthew Hall

> On Apr 9, 2018, at 7:36 PM, Craig James <> wrote:
> One of our four "big iron" (spinning disks) servers went belly up today. 
> (Thanks, Postgres and pgbackrest! Easy recovery.) We're planning to move to a 
> cloud service at the end of the year, so bad timing on this. We didn't want 
> to buy any more hardware, but now it looks like we have to.
> I followed the discussions about SSD drives when they were first becoming 
> mainstream; at that time, the Intel devices were king. Can anyone recommend 
> what's a good SSD configuration these days? I don't think we want to buy a 
> new server with spinning disks.
> We're replacing:
>   8 core (Intel)
>   48GB memory
>   12-drive 7200 RPM 500GB
>      RAID1 (2 disks, OS and WAL log)
>      RAID10 (8 disks, postgres data dir)
>      2 spares
>   Ubuntu 16.04
>   Postgres 9.6
> The current system peaks at about 7000 TPS from pgbench.
> Our system is a mix of non-transactional searching (customers) and 
> transactional data loading (us).
> Thanks!
> Craig
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