Hi Adrian,

Port numbers are correct.

I moved the position of -c (-p 5433 -P 5434 -c -r -v). Now it is NOT 
complaining about old cluster running. However, I am running into a different 

New cluster database "ifb_prd_last" is not empty
Failure, exiting

Note: ifb_prd_last is not new cluster. It is actually old cluster.

Is this possibly because in one of my earlier attempts where I shutdown old 
cluster and ran pg_upgrade with -c at the end of the command line. I think -c 
was ignored and my cluster has been upgraded in that attempt. Is that possible?

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On 06/12/2018 02:18 PM, Murthy Nunna wrote:
> pg_upgrade -V
> pg_upgrade (PostgreSQL) 10.4
> pg_upgrade -b /fnal/ups/prd/postgres/v9_3_14_x64/Linux-2-6/bin -B 
> /fnal/ups/prd/postgres/v10_4_x64/Linux-2-6/bin -d 
> /data0/pgdata/ifb_prd_last -D /data0/pgdata/ifb_prd_last_104 -p 5433 
> -P 5434 -r -v –c

Looks good to me. The only thing that stands out is that in your original post 
you had:

-p 5432

and above you have:

-p 5433

Not sure if that makes a difference.

The only suggestion I have at the moment is to move -c from the end of the line 
to somewhere earlier on the chance that there is a bug that is not finding it 
when it's at the end.

Adrian Klaver

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