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Yes, pg_locks is only an item that does not get a lock in the view. The test data is 300 warehouses connections, and the CPU is only about 60%. I think the lock becomes a performance bottleneck at this time. I want to find a way to reduce the lock waiting and improve the performance.

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王若楠 wrote:
&gt; We used benchmarksql 4.1.0 to test the performance of PG12 beta TPCC.
&gt; We found performance bottlenecks on lock transactionid.

You included an attachment with results from the "pg_locks" view
where "granted" is FALSE for all entries.

I'll assume that these are not *all* the entries in the view, right?

Since the locks are waiting for different transaction IDs, I'd
assume that this is just a case of contention: many transactions are
trying to modify the same rows concurrently.

This is to be expected.
Perhaps your benchmark is running with too many connections on
too few table rows?

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