On Saturday 28 June 2003 17:01, Chris Hutchinson wrote:
> I'm wondering how to speed up sorting which is slowing a query run
> regularly on a linux postgresql 7.3.3 system.
> The box is a dual PIII with 1Gb ram. The database is located on a 20Gb SCSI
> disk, with WAL on a separate disk.
> The only changes I've made to postgresql.conf so far are:
> shared_buffers=4000
> sort_mem=4000

sort_mem is in kbs. So you are setting it roughyl 4MB. Given that you don't 
seem to have any shortage of RAM, how about 32/64/128MB RAM till things work 
as expected?

Of course, setting it so in postgresql.conf would be a bad idea. Just set for 
the session that makes this query and reset it back.

Keep us posted on updates..


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