> I'd be tempted to bump it up to 2.0 or 2.5 since data is on a single
> disk (sequential scans *will* be faster than an index scan), but you
> would need to run a benchmark on your disk to see if that is right.

I just set it to 2.5.  What kind of benchmark can I run?

> Every monitor is updated every 5 minutes?

Yes.  Actually the customer can detween between every 5-60 minutes but for a
worst case scenario I set them to be 5 minutes for stress testing.  Note
that all 1,500 monitors are not updated at the same time, they're evenly

> Your reports. Are they always on the most recent date, or do they vary
> in time.  Are queries distributed against old data as much as the new
> stuff?

So far my plan is to have only the current month of data in the database, so
at the first of every month I'll drop the old data.  There are two sources
of this monstrous query:

the webapp lets users make the query for the current day.
the reporting app makes the query for the prior day, the current week, and
month to date.

Between the two the queries are pretty evenly distributed.

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