On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 14:14, Rod Taylor wrote:
> > > set enable_hashjoin = false;
> > 
> > BINGO!
> I'm not so sure about that.  Your dataset seems to have changed fairly
> significantly since the last test.
> > ->  Index Scan using feature_pkey on feature f  (cost=0.00..134592.43 rows=47912 
> > width=39) (actual time=0.46..502.50 rows=431 loops=1)
> Notice it only pulled out 431 rows where prior runs pulled out several
> thousand (~13000).  I think what really happened was something came
> along and deleted a bunch of stuff, then vacuum ran.

There is nearly a zero chance that happened.  This database is
accessible only by me, I haven't deleted anything.  The only things I
have done is to create and drop various indexes and run vacuum.  Is
there anything else that could explain the difference?  Is the index
scan on feature_pkey using information from the index scan on
featureloc_src_6 to limit the number of rows to get from feature?


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