On 17/07/2003 13:50 Fabian Kreitner wrote:
Im afraid, no.
Database has been stopped / started right before this.

1) enable_seqscan = true
Seq Scan on notiz_objekt a (cost=0.00..56125.80 rows=15561 width=12) (actual time=0.28..2298.71 rows=31122 loops=1)

2) enable_seqscan = false
Seq Scan on notiz_objekt a (cost=100000000.00..100111719.36 rows=15561 width=12) (actual time=0.25..535.75 rows=31122 loops=1)

I've just noticed this. Something is not right here. Look at the crazy cost estimation for the second query. It looks to me like enable_indexscan, enable_tidscan, enable_sort, enable_nestloop, enable_mergejoin or enable_hashjoin have been set to false. Looking at the source, thats the only way I can see that such large numbers can be produced.


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