On Thursday 17 Jul 2003 3:45 pm, Bill Moran wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm putting together a database that has me wondering about the interaction
> of ANALYZE with indices.  I guess the basic question is: are indices
> affected by the results of ANALYZE.
> The particular application I've got is doing a batch insert of lots of
> records.  For performance, I'm dropping the indexes on the table, doing the
> inserts, then recreating the indexes a then doing a VACUUM ANALYZE. 
> Specifically, I'm wondering if I should do the ANALYZE before or after I
> recreate the indexes, or whether it matters.

I don't think it matters - the analyse looks at the data, and then when you 
run a query the planner estimates how many rows each clause will require and 
checks if there is an index that will help.
  Richard Huxton

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