SZUCS Gábor wrote:
> "by default" -- do you mean there is a way to tell Linux to favor the second
> real cpu over the HT one? how?

Right now there is no way the kernel can tell which virtual cpu's are on
each physical cpu's, and that is the problem.  Once there is a way,
hyperthreading will be more useful, but even then, it doesn't double
your CPU throughput, just increases by 40%.

> > Right, I simplified it.  The big deal is whether the OS favors the
> > second real CPU over one of the virtual CPU's on the same die --- by
> > default, it doesn't.  Ever if it did work perfectly, you are talking
> > about going from 1 to 1.4 or 2 to 2.8, which doesn't seem like much.
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