On 29 Jul 2003 at 8:03, Christopher Browne wrote:

> "Shridhar Daithankar" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >It is called as pgavd..
> No, it is called pg_autovacuum
> "pgavd" was a previous attempt at this that was being distributed on
> gborg.  Its parser ussage (I don't recall if it was just lex or whether it
> also included yacc) made it troublesome to get to run on all platforms.

Yeah.. I wrote that and didn't quite maintain that after. Mathew finished 
pg_autovacuum shortly after that.

I recall reading some bug reports and I fixed couple of problems in CVS but 
didn't bother to make a release after there was a contrib module..

> The code for pg_autovacuum is in 7.4, in contrib; it also works perfectly
> well in 7.3, so you should be able to grab the directory and drop the code
> into the 7.3 contrib area.

Good to know that..


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