Dear Tom,

the problem was repeatble in the sense repeated 
execution of queries made no difference on 

What lead to degradation was the bumping off of
effective_cache_size parameter from 1000 to 64K

Can any one point me  the recent guide done by
Sridhar and Josh i want to see what i mis(read|understood)
 from  there ;-) [ it was on GeneralBits' Home Page ]

Anyway the performance gain was from 32 secs to less
than a sec what i restored cache size from 64K to 1000.

I will post again with more details but at the moment
i got to load my data_bank :)


On Wednesday 30 Jul 2003 3:02 am, Tom Lane wrote:
> Rajesh Kumar Mallah <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> Odd.  Apparently the planner is picking a better plan in the function
> >> context than in the subselect context --- which is strange since it
> >> ought to have less information.
> >
> > [ verbose plan snipped ]
> Well, that sure seems to be the same plan.  Curious that the runtime
> wasn't about the same.  Perhaps the slow execution of the first query
> was a caching effect?  If you alternate trying the query both ways,
> does the speed difference persist?
>                       regards, tom lane

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