On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 11:06:09 -0400, "Jianshuo Niu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>I ran the same explain analyze on two similar tables. However, the table
>with less data took much more time than the one with more data. Could anyone
>tell me what happened?

>Seq Scan on tfd_catalog  (cost=0.00..43769.82 rows=161282 width=10) (actual
>time=3928.64..12905.76 rows=161282 loops=1)
>Total runtime: 13240.21 msec
>Seq Scan on hm_catalog  (cost=0.00..22181.18 rows=277518 width=9) (actual
>time=21.32..6420.76 rows=277518 loops=1)
>Total runtime: 6772.95 msec

The first SELECT takes almost twice the time because tfd_catalog has
almost twice as many pages than hm_catalog.  This may be due to having
wider tuples or more dead tuples in tfd_catalog.

In the former case theres not much you can do.

But the high startup cost of the first SELECT is a hint for lots of
dead tuples.  So VACUUM FULL ANALYSE might help.


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