I create the index, but doesn't help too much:

 Limit  (cost=9.75..9.76 rows=1 width=479) (actual time=486421.35..486421.38 rows=8 
   ->  Sort  (cost=9.75..9.76 rows=1 width=479) (actual time=486421.33..486421.34 
rows=8 loops=1)
         Sort Key: cont_publicacion.fecha_publicacion
         ->  Merge Join  (cost=9.73..9.74 rows=1 width=479) (actual 
time=220253.76..486420.35 rows=8 loops=1)
               Merge Cond: (("outer".id_instalacion = "inner".id_instalacion) AND 
("outer".id_contenido = "inner".id_contenido))
               ->  Nested Loop  (cost=0.00..1828.35 rows=1 width=367) (actual 
time=8347.78..486405.02 rows=40 loops=1)
                     Join Filter: (("inner".id_contenido = "outer".id_contenido) AND 
("inner".id_instalacion = "outer".id_instalacion))
                     ->  Index Scan using jue_conf_pk on juegos_config  
(cost=0.00..12.19 rows=40 width=332) (actual time=0.23..6.73 rows=40 loops=1)
                     ->  Index Scan using idx_generar_vainilla_ci on cont_publicacion  
(cost=0.00..45.39 rows=1 width=35) (actual time=56.01..12156.48 rows=97 loops=40)
                           Index Cond: (upper((generar_vainilla)::text) = 'S'::text)
                           Filter: (fecha_publicacion = (subplan))
                             ->  Aggregate  (cost=15.84..15.84 rows=1 width=8) (actual 
time=27.03..27.03 rows=1 loops=17880)
                                   ->  Seq Scan on cont_publicacion cp1  
(cost=0.00..15.84 rows=1 width=8) (actual time=11.21..26.86 rows=7 loops=17880)
                                         Filter: ((id_instalacion = $0) AND 
(id_contenido = $1) AND (generar_vainilla = $2))
               ->  Sort  (cost=9.73..9.74 rows=3 width=112) (actual time=9.28..9.32 
rows=8 loops=1)
                     Sort Key: cont_contenido.id_instalacion, 
                     ->  Seq Scan on cont_contenido  (cost=0.00..9.70 rows=3 
width=112) (actual time=0.47..7.48 rows=8 loops=1)
                           Filter: ((id_instalacion = 2::numeric) AND (id_sbc = 
619::numeric) AND (id_tipo = 2::numeric))
 Total runtime: 486445.19 msec
(20 rows)

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De: Mendola Gaetano [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Enviado el: sábado, 02 de agosto de 2003 7:36
CC: Fernando Papa
Asunto: Re: I can't wait too much: Total runtime 432478.44 msec

From: ""Fernando Papa"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> AND upper(cont_publicacion.generar_Vainilla) = 'S'

>  Filter: ((upper((generar_vainilla)::text) = 'S'::text) AND
(fecha_publicacion = (subplan)))

using a functional index on this field should help

create index idx_generar_vainilla_ci on cont_publicacion (
upper(generar_Vainilla) )

Gaetano Mendola

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