On 7 Aug 2003 at 10:05, Yaroslav Mazurak wrote:
> > It needs to reflect how much cache the system is using - try the "free"
> > command to see figures.
>       I'm not found "free" utility on FreeBSD 4.7. :(

Grr.. I don't like freeBSD for it's top output.Active/inactive/Wired.. Grr.. 
why can't it be shared buffered and cached? Same goes for HP-UX top. Looking at 
it one gets hardly any real information.. Anyway that's just me..

 Top on freeBSD seems pretty unintuituive em but if you find any documentation 
on that, that would help you. ( Haven't booted in freeBSD in ages so no data 
out of my head..)

You can try various sysctls on freeBSD. Basicalyl idea is to find out how much 
of memory is used and how much is cached. FreeBSD must be providing that one in 
some form..

IIRC there is a limit on filesystem cache on freeBSD. 300MB by default. If that 
is the case, you might have to raise it to make effective_cache_size really 



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