Hi Xin;

PostgreSQL is configured to run on virutally anything out of the box.
The reason for this is that, like Oracle, the database manager will not
start if it cannot allocate sufficient resources. We take the approach
of ensuring that it will start so you can tune it.

I would recomment trying to take a close look at many of the posts on
the Performance list (searching the archives) and paying attention to
things such as effective_cache_size and shared_buffers. If these don't
answer your questions, ask this list again.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

xin fu wrote:

> Dear master:
> I have learned postgreSQL for serveral days, now i meet some problems.
> when I use a TPCC(Transaction Processing Performance Council) test
> program to test the performance of postgreSQL , postgreSQL works very
> slowly, it almost need 1 minute to finish a transaction, and the CPU
> percent is almost 100%,
> the test environment is :
> OS: redhat 9.0(ext3, default configurations)
> Server: postgre7.3.4(default configurations) , PIII 800M, 1G Memory
> Client: tpcc test program,using ODBC API, PIII 800M, 1G Memory
> when using SQLServer, it can work on a workload of 40 Warehouse,
> but postgreSQL can not work even on 1 warehouse. I think there must be
> some problem with my postgreSQL, can you help me?
> I am in china, and my english is very poor, but i hope you can give
> me some advice, thanks.
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