On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Wilson A. Galafassi Jr. wrote:

> hello!!!
> what is suggested partitioning schema for postgresql??
> the size of my db is 5BG and i have 36GB scsi disk!

The first recommendation is to run Postgresql on a RAID set for 

I'm assuming you're building a machine and need to put both the OS and 
Postgresql database on that one disk.

If that's the case, just put the OS on however you like (lotsa different 
ways to partition for the OS) and leave about 30 gig for Postgresql to run 
in, then just put the whole database $PGDATA directory on that partition.

I'd recommend running ext3 with meta data journaling only for speed,
security, and ease of setup and use.  XFS is the next choice, which is a 
little harder to setup, as it's not included in most distros, but is 
definitely faster than ext3 at most stuff.

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