On 11 Aug 2003 at 11:59, Serge Dorofeev wrote:

> Hi PostrgeSQL team,
> My PostrgeSQL installed as part of CYGWIN (Windows XP).
> I have compared performance PostrgeSQL to MS SQL (I used a little Java program 
> with number of inserts in table).
> MS SQL is faster in 12 times :-(
> It's very strange results.
> Guys who developed this server: what you can tell in this - what customizations 
> needs to increase of productivity?
> How to force PostgreeSQL to work faster? 

First of all, get a unix. Cygwin is nowhere near any unix OS as far as 
performance goes. Get linux and test. Testing postgresql under cygwin is like 
testing MSSQL server under wine. May be wine is faster than cygwin but you got 
the idea..

Second tune postgresql. Since you have not given any details, I would assume 
you are runnning stock install of postgresql, which is not made for a benchmark 
to say the least.

Check http://www.varlena.com/GeneralBits/Tidbits/perf.html for starters. Let us 
know if that makes any difference..


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