Trevor Astrope kirjutas T, 05.08.2003 kell 18:59:
> I was wondering if anyone found a sweet spot regarding how many inserts to 
> do in a single transaction to get the best performance? Is there an 
> approximate number where there isn't any more performance to be had or 
> performance may drop off?
> It's just a general question...I don't have any specific scenario, other
> than there are multiple backends doing many inserts.

I did test on huge (up to 60 million rows) simple table (5 fields with
primary key) and found that at that size many inserts per transaction
was actually a little slower than single inserts. It probably had to do
with inserting/checking new index entries and moving index pages from/to

With small sizes or no index ~100 inserts/transaction was significantly
faster though.

I did run several (10-30) backends in parallel.

The computer was quad Xeon with 2GB RAM and ~50 MB/sec RAID.


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