On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, Richard Huxton wrote:

> If you do find some flexible, scriptable web testing system that can read/fill
> out forms etc please post to the list - I've had no luck finding anything I
> like.
There was a tool created by altavista R&D called "WebL" that I used on a
project.  I think if you search around you'll be able to find it.

However, I think it has developed "bit rot" from not being touched in so
long. My old webl stuff will no longer work.

But what is it?  it is a web scraping language written in java. Fast it is
not. Easy to scrape and interact with pages: YES.  It has all sorts of
things for locating fields, locating table cells, etc.  (I used it for
writing a prototype that would scrape a competitors site and import the
data into our application :)

but if it doesn't work LWP isn't _that_ bad. You will end up in regex hell


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