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> Shridhar,
>> Unfortunately he can not use copy due to some constraints. 

> Why not use COPY to load the table, and then apply the constraints
> by query afterwords?  It might not be faster, but then again it
> might.

If you can transform the information into COPYable form, that's
certainly a good thing.  Whether it will be workable or not is another

> ... but that's based on inadequate experimentation, just a few tests
> on Bonnie++ on a Netra running Solaris 8.

As far as the filesystem issues are concerned, you're probably using
an "old, standard" version of UFS.  The "high performance" option on
Solaris involves using third-party Veritas software.

The persistence of this is somewhat surprising; I'd somewhat have
expected Sun to have bought out Veritas or some such thing, as it's a
pretty vital technology that _isn't_ totally under their control.
Actually, an entertaining option would be for them to buy out SGI, as
that would get them control of XFS and a number of other interesting

My expectations of a Netra wouldn't be terribly high, either; they
seem to exist as a product so that people that need a cheap Sun box
have an option.  They are mostly running IDE disk, and the latest
IA-32 hardware is likely to have newer faster interface options.
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