On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 13:01:16 +0300,
> I have found many reasons not to index small tables (see .
> But I still have questions.
> 1. How small is small enough?

Unless you think maintaining the indexes is a significant overhead, you
shouldn't worry about it as the planner will choose whether or not to
use them according to what it thinks is faster.

> 2. am I supposed to drop primary key index on so called 'label tables'
> knowing I am using this pk in join clause?

I don't think you want to drop any indexes that are used to enforce

> 3. Is it good to drop index on small table If I know I have created VIEW and
> joined large table and the small one
> and I have where condition on that particular colum?

If you have some other reason for creating the index, you probably don't
want to drop it to try to speed up queries. If there isn't some reason you
have for keeping the index, then you might want to drop it if it isn't
helping your queries as maintaining the index will slow down queries
that modify the table.

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