On Tue, 26 Aug 2003, Darcy Buskermolen wrote:

> I'm still seeing differences in the planner estimates, have you run a VACUUM
> ANALYZE prior to running these tests?
I did. I shall retry that.. but the numbers (the cost estimates) are
pretty close on both.  the actual times are very different.

> Also, are the disk subsystems in these 2 systems the same? You may be seeing
> some discrepancies in things spindle speed,  U160 vs U320, throughput on
> specific RAID controlers, different blocksize, ect.

As I said in my first email IO isn't the problem here - the data set is
small enough that it is all cached (~10MB).  iostat reports 0 activity on
the disks on both the sun and p2.

and I just ran teh test again with 40 clients: 730s for hte p2, 1100 for
the sun.  (0% idle on both of them, no IO).  I think the next I may try is
recompiling with a newer gcc.


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