2003-08-27 ragyogó napján Christopher Browne ezt üzente:

> After a long battle with technology,[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Tomka Gergely), an earthling, 
> wrote:
> > 2003-08-27 ragyogó napján Castle, Lindsay ezt üzente:
> >> Perhaps some may say Linux isn't the best option for an 8 CPU
> >> server but this is what I have to work with for reasons we won't
> >> get into :-)
> >
> > This is not true, 2.4 series AFAIK run nicely on these monstrums. If
> > you want some thrill, try 2.6-test series. Linux Is Good For You
> > (tm) :)
> The other "bleeding edge" that it'll be interesting to see, um,
> "coagulate," is Dragonfly BSD, which plans to do some really
> interesting SMP stuff as a fork of FreeBSD...

As isee the pages (what a beautiul insect:) tehy not reach te limit of
useability - or i am wrong?

Tomka Gergely
"S most - vajon barbárok nélkül mi lesz velünk?
Ők mégiscsak megoldás voltak valahogy..."

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