2003-08-28 ragyogó napján Christopher Browne ezt üzente:

> A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, [EMAIL PROTECTED] ("Balazs Wellisch") 
> wrote:
> > Very interesting results. I'd like to command you on your honesty.
> > Having started out with the intentions of proving that FreeBSD is faster
> > than Linux only to find that the opposite is true must not have been
> > rewarding for you. However, these unexpected results serve only to
> > reinforce the integrity of your tests.
> Well put.
> To see a result that the tester didn't really want to see/present does
> suggest good things about the tester's honesty.  There was incentive
> to hide unfavorable results.
> What it still leaves quite open is just what happens when the OS has
> more than one disk drive or CPU to play with.  It's not clear what
> happens in such cases, whether FreeBSD would catch up, or be "left
> further in the dust."  The traditional "propaganda" has been that
> there are all sorts of reasons to expect PostgreSQL on FreeBSD to run
> a bit faster than on Linux; it is a bit unexpected for the opposite to
> seem true.

AFAIK *BSD better in the handling of big loads - maybe when multiple
concurrent tests run against a linux and a bsd box, we see better result.
Or not.

Tomka Gergely
"S most - vajon barbárok nélkül mi lesz velünk?
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