On 28 Aug 2003 at 10:38, Michael Guerin wrote:
> >IN(subquery) is known to run poorly in 7.3.x and earlier.  7.4 is
> >generally much better (for reasonably sized subqueries) but in earlier
> >versions you'll probably want to convert into an EXISTS or join form.
> Something else seems to be going on, even switching to an exists clause 
> gives much better but poor performance.
> count(*) where exists clause: Postgresql 19s, SQL Server <1s
> count(*) where not exists:  23.3s SQL Server 1.5s

This was with 7.4? Can you try downloading 7.4CVS and try?

> SQL Server runs on a dual 1.4 with 4gigs, win2k
> Postgresql runs on a quad 900 with 8 gigs, sunos 5.8

SunOS...Not the impala out there but anyways I would refrain from slipping in 

Parden me if this is a repeatation,  have you set your effective cache size?


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