Hi Bill,

On Friday 29 August 2003 16:46, you wrote:
> Postgres has to convert the text to a varchar before it can actually
> do anything.  It's possible (though I'm not sure) that it has to
> do the conversion with each record it looks at.

Nope. I tested you function with the temporary varchar variable...it
is as slow as the 'text-only' varayity.

> Every language I know of hits performance issues when you have to
> convert between types.  I wouldn't _think_ that it would be that
> much work converting between text and varchar, but I'm not familiar
> enough with the server code to know what's actually involved.

I have absolutely no idea how pgsql handles text/varchar stuff
in its server code. But ~ 3 seconds for that small function is ways
to slow in any case.


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