I was ecstatic to hear that postgresql.com is releasing the eRServer
replication project to postgresql.org as open source!  I'm anxious
to get my hands on it -- actually I'm desperate:  I'm under pressure to
produce a warm-failover server for our lab.  I REALLY would like to
get hands on this code soon!

Does anyone know how and when the actual release will happen?
I would be glad to be an alpha tester and promise to contribute
back bug-reports/patches.  I'll take cvs or tar.gz or paper tape or
stone tablets engraved in high Elvish...

-- George

 I cannot think why the whole bed of the ocean is
 not one solid mass of oysters, so prolific they seem. Ah,
 I am wandering! Strange how the brain controls the brain!
        -- Sherlock Holmes in "The Dying Detective"

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