> Just wonderin. What if you symlink WAL to a directory which is on
> mounted USB RAM drive?

USB 2.0 you mean?  It supposedly runs at 1394 speeds, but USB 1.0/1.1
runs at 1MB/s under ideal circumstances... that's slower than even old
IDE drives.

> Will that increase any throughput?

Probably not...

> I am sure a 256/512MB flash drive will cost lot less than a SCSI
> disk. May be even a GB on flash drive would do..

That's true... but on a per $$/MB, you're better off investing in RAM
and increasing your effective_cache_size.  If dd to a flash card is
faster than to an IDE drive, please let me know.  :) -sc

Sean Chittenden
UNIX(TM), a BSD like Operating System

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