On 4 Sep 2003 at 0:48, Relaxin wrote:
> All of the databases that I tested the query against gave me immediate
> access to ANY row of the resultset once the data had been returned.
> Ex. If  I'm currently at the first row and then wanted to goto the 100,000
> row, I would be there immediately, and if I wanted to then goto the 5
> row...same thing, I have the record immediately!
> The other databases I tested against stored the entire resultset on the
> Server, I'm not sure what PG does...It seems that brings the entire
> resultset client side.
> If that is the case, how can I have PG store the resultset on the Server AND
> still allow me immediate access to ANY row in the resultset?

You can use a cursor and get only required rows.


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