On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 12:32:42PM -0700, Naveen Palavalli wrote:
> My server spawns a new connection to Postgresql foreach client. My

I don't think you want to do that.  You should use a pool.  Back end
startup is mighty expensive.

> 1) Effects related to Vaccum :- I performed 10 trials of adding and
>     deleting entries . In each trial , 1 client adds 10,000 entries
>     and then deletes them . During the course of these 10 trials ,

You'll want to vacuum after every set of deletes, I should think.  If
you're woking in more than one transaction for the deletes, then
fairly frequent vacuums of that table will be effective.

> I was using Postgresql 7.3.3 earlier but it kept crashing the
> database after a Vaccum . So I switched to a older and stabler
> version 7.2.4

You don't want to use 7.3.3.  It has a rare but serious bug and was
replaced in something like 24 hours with 7.3.4.  The 7.2 branch is no
longer being maintained, so you really probably should use the 7.3
branch.  I'm unaware of others having stability problems with 7.3.4,
so if you see them, you should find your core dump and talk to the
people on -hackers.


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