On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 09:39, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:
> > I think I have found out why.. I have a where clause on a ID field but it
> > seems like I need to cast this integer to the same integer as the field is
> > defined in the table, else it will do a tablescan.
> Yes, this is correct
> > Is this assumtion correct? And if it is, do I then need to change all my
> > sql's to cast the where clause where I just have a number (eg where field
> > = 1) to force the planner to use index scan instead of seq scan?
> Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe numbers are int4's, so they
> need to be cast if your column is not an int4.

You mean "constant" scalars?  Yes, constants scalars are interpreted
as int4.

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