> >   How can I improve performance and will version 7.4 bring something
> > valuable for my task? Rewrite to some other scripting language is not
> > a problem. Trigger is simple enough.
> Well, try it without the trigger. If performance improves markedly, it
> be worth rewriting in C.

  Nope. Execution time is practically the same without trigger.

> If not, you're probably saturating the disk I/O - using iostat/vmstat will
> you see what's happening. If it is your disks, you might see if moving the
> WAL onto a separate drive would help, or check the archives for plenty of
> discussion about raid setups.

  Bottleneck in this case is CPU. postmaster process uses almost 100% of

> >   Postgres v7.3.4, shared_buffers=4096 max_fsm settings also bumped up
> > 10 times.
> Well effective_cache_size is useful for reads, but won't help with
> You might want to look at wal_buffers and see if increasing that helps,
but I
> couldn't say for sure.

  Disk I/O should not be a problem in this case. vmstat shows ~300kb/s write


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