> its a dual xeon 2.4,  4gb ram and 3x identical 15k rpm scsi disks
> should i mirror 2 of the disks for postgres data, and use the 3rd disk for 
> o/s and the pg logs or raid5 the 3 disks or even stripe 2 disks for pg and 
> use the 3rd for o/s,logs,backups ?

I'd mirror 2.   Stripey RAID with few disks imposes a heavy performance 
penalty on data writes (particularly updates), sometimes as much as 50% for a 
RAID5-3disk config.  

I am a little curious why you've got a dual-xeon, but could only afford 3 
disks ....

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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