>>>>> "TL" == Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

TL> I was just bugging Marc for some useful data, so I'll ask you too:
TL> could you provide a trace of the pg_restore execution?  log_statement
TL> plus log_duration output would do it.  I am curious to understand
TL> exactly which steps in the restore are significant time sinks.

Sure... machine isn't gonna do much of anything until 7.4 is released
(or I hear a promise of no more dump/reload).

>> I notice during the restore that the disk throughput triples during
>> the checkpoint.

TL> Hm, better make sure the log includes some indication of when
TL> checkpoints happen.

That it does.

I'll post the results in the next couple of days, as each run takes
about 4 hours ;-)

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