Yes Josh,
L_partkey is a part of the foreign key on the Lineitem table, and it was
ok to create an index on it according to the TPC-R specs. I just created
indices on the rest of the FK columns in the TPC-R database and will
continue my evaluations.


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> I just checked the restrictions on the TPC-R and TPC-H schemas and it 
> seems that all indexes are allowed in TPC-R and only those that index 
> parts of primary or foreign keys are allowed in TPC-H.

That would be appropriate for this case though, yes?   That column is
part of 
a foriegn key, unless I've totally lost track.

As I remarked before, Postgres does *not* automatically create indexes
FKs.   Many, but not all, other database products do, so comparing
against those products without the index is unfair.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco


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