My data directory is 3.8 GB.
I can send you flat data files and scripts to create indices, but still
it would be about 1.3 GB of data. Do you still want me to transfer data
to you? If yes, then just give me your FTP address.


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> I declared all the indexes that you suggested and ran vacuum full 
> analyze. The query plan has not changed and it's still trying to use 
> seqscan. I tried to disable seqscan, but the plan didn't change. Any 
> other suggestions? I started explain analyze on the query, but I doubt

> it will finish any time soon.

Can I get a copy of the database so that I can tinker?   I'm curious
now, plus 
I want our benchmarks to look good.

I have a private FTP if that helps.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco


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