On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 05:44:49PM -0400, Rod Taylor wrote:
> > item_max_date() looks like this:
> >    select max(dtstamp) from items where channel = $1 and link = $2;
> It is too bad the (channel, link) index doesn't have dtstamp at the end
> of it, otherwise the below query would be a gain (might be a small one
> anyway).
>   select dtstamp
>     from items
>    where channel = $1
>      and link = $2
> ORDER BY dtstamp DESC
>    LIMIT 1;

Similar idea to what Josh suggested. I did create an additional index
with dtstamp at the end and it doesn't look like the planner used it.
Using the above query instead of max() didn't improve things either.

> Could you show us the exact specification of the function?  In
> particular, did you mark it VOLATILE, IMMUTABLE, or STABLE?
> I hope it isn't the first or second one ;)

CREATE or REPLACE FUNCTION item_max_date (int4, varchar) RETURNS
timestamptz AS '
select max(dtstamp) from items where channel = $1 and link = $2;
' LANGUAGE 'sql';

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