On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, Bruce Momjian wrote:

> I have updated the FAQ to be:
>       In comparison to MySQL or leaner database systems, we are
>       faster for multiple users, complex queries, and a read/write query
>       load.  MySQL is faster for SELECT queries done by a few users.
> Is this accurate?  It seems so.

Another thing I noticed - If you use a dataset that can live in mysql's
query cache / os cache it screams, until it has to hit the disk. then

It would be nice if someone (I don't have the time now) did a comparison
of say:
selct value where name = XXX; [where xxx varies] with 1,10,20,50

then make progressively more complex queries. And occasionally point out
mysql silly omissions:
select * from myview where id = 1234
[Oh wait! mysql doesn't have views. Ooopsy!]

Wrapping up - PG is not that slow for simple queries either.  It can be
rather zippy - and PREPARE can give HUGE gains - even for simple
statements.   I've often wondered if YACC, etc is a bottleneck (You can
only go as fast as your parser can go).

Hurray for PG!

And I'm giving my PG presentation monday.  I hope to post it tuesday after
I update with comments I receive and remove confidential information.


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