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JH> The configuration that is going on in my head is:
JH> RAID 1, 200gig disks
JH> 1 server, 4g ram
JH> Linux 2.4 or 2.6 (depends on when we deploy and 2.6's track record at that
JH> time)

My recommendation is to get more disks (smaller and faster) rather
than a few large ones.  As for vendors, I always buy from Dell because
they actually honor their "4-hour 24x7 replacement parts with
technician to stick 'em" in guarantee.  That and their hardware is
rock solid and non-funky (ie, I can run FreeBSD on it with no issues).

Here's my latest setup I just got:

Dell PE 2650, dual Xeon processors (lowest speed they sell, as this is
not a bottleneck)
Dell PERC3 RAID controller (rebranded AMI controller) dual channel
2x 18Gb internal disks on RAID1 (RAID channel0)
14x 18Gb external disks on RAID5 (RAID channel1, see my posts on this
list from a month or so ago on how I arrived at RAID5).

All the disks are SCSI 15kRPM U320 drives, tho the controller only
does U160.

I run FreeBSD, but it should run linux just fine, too.

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