Adrian Demaestri wrote:

We've a table with about 8 million rows, and we need to get rows by the value
>of two of its fields( the type of the fields are int2 and int4,
the where condition is v.g. partido=99 and partida=123). We created a
>multicolumn index on that fields but the planner doesn't use it, it still use
>a seqscan. That fields are primary key of the table and we clusterded the table
>based on that index, but it still doesn't work. We also set the enviroment
> variable enable_seqscan to false and nathing happends. The only way the
>planner use it is in querys that order by the expression of the index.

Use partido=99::int2 and partida=123::int4

Match the data types basically..


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