Jeff wrote:
Let me know if there are blatant errors, etc in there.
Maybe even slightly more subtle blatant errors :)

Some minor nitpicks,

* Slide 5, postgresql already features 64 bit port. The sentence is slightly confusing
* Same slide. IIRC postgresql always compresses bytea/varchar. Not too much sure about which but there is something that is compressed by default..:-)
* Tablespaces has a patch floating somewhere. IIRC Gavin Sherry is the one who is most ahead of it. For all goodness, they will feature in 7.5 and design is done. There aren't much issues there.
* Mysql transaction breaks down if tables from different table types are involved.
* Mysql transactions do not feature constant time commit/rollback like postgresql. The time to rollback depends upon size of transaction
* Mysql does not split large files in segments the way postgresql do. Try storing 60GB of data in single mysql table.
* Slide on informix. It would be better if you mention what database you were using on your pentium. Assuming postgresql is fine, but being specific helps.
* Slide on caching. Postgresql can use 7000MB of caching. Important part is it does not lock that memory in it's own process space. OS can move around buffer cache but not memory space of an application.
* Installation slide. We can do without 'yada' for being formal, right..:-) (Sorry if thats too nitpicky but couldn't help it..:-))
* initdb could be coupled with configure/make install but again, it's a matter of choice.
* Slide on configuration. 'Reliable DB corruption' is a confusing term. 'DB corruption for sure' or something on that line would be more appropriate especially if presentation is read in documentation form and not explained in a live session. but you decide.
* I doubt pg_autovacuum will be in core source but predicting that long is always risky..:-)
* Using trigger for maintening a row count would generate as much dead rows as you wanted to avoid in first place..:-)

All of them are really minor. It's a very well done presentation but 45 slides could be bit too much at a time. I suggest splitting the presentation in 3. Intro and comparison, features, administration, programming and tuning. Wow.. they are 5..:-)

Can you rip out informix migration? It could be a good guide by itself.

Thanks again for documentation. After you decide what license you want to release it under, the team can put it on

Again, thanks for a good presentation..


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