On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Bruce Momjian wrote:

> So you want -fast added as default for non-gcc Solaris?  You mentioned
> there is a warning generated that we have to deal with?

 Yeah, suncc generates a warning for _every_ file that says:
Warning: -xarch=native has been explicitly specified, or implicitly
specified by a macro option, -xarch=native on this architecture implies
-xarch=v8plusa which generates code that does not run on pre-UltraSPARC

And then I get various warnings here and there...

lots of "statement not reached" as in ecpg's type.c module
The offending code is a big switch statement like:
                case ECPGt_bool:
                        return ("ECPGt_bool");

And then any functiont aht uses PG_RETURN_NULL generates " warning:
end-of-loop code not reached"

and a bunch of "constant promoted to unsigned long long"

And some places such as in fe-exec.c have code like this:
        buflen = strlen(strtext);       /* will shrink, also we discover

where strtext is an unsigned char * which generates warning: argument #1
is incompatible with prototype:

and then various other type mismatches here and there.

I skimmed through the manpage.. it doesn't look like we can supress

Not sure we want it to look like we have bad code if someone uses cc.
perhaps issue a ./configure notice or something?

gcc compiles things fine.


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