I concur 100%. PostgreSQL was big and scary and MySQL seemed cute and
cuddly, warm and fuzzy. Then I took my undergrad CS RDBMS course (a course
that focused on designing the backend software), and only then was I ready
to appreciate and wield the battle axe that is PostgreSQL.

He also let me use PostgreSQL for my final project (the standard was
Oracle). I got an A. :)

I do have to admit that I prefer OSS (and docs) better than proprietary. I
had some Informix work and that was not fun at all. So even though the MySQL
is pink fuzzy bunnies, PostgreSQL is at least a brown fuzzy bunny [to me

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> > > 1) the MySQL docs are better (sorry - I found them easier to read, and
> > > more comprehensive; I had an easier time finding the answers I needed)
> >
> > Huh. I had the opposite experience. Each to his own.
> > I think everybody agrees PG needs a better tuning doc (or
> pointers to it,
> > or something).
> I think the issue is that Postgresql documentation is oriented
> towards DBA
> types, who already understand databases in general, so they can find what
> they want, while MySQL docs are oriented towards dbms newbies, who don't
> know much, if anything, about databases.
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