Is there any way to speed this up, or is that DISTINCT going to keep
hounding me?

I checked the mailing list, and didn't see anything like this.

Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your help!

        Try group by instead. I think this is an old bug its fixed in
7.3.2 which I'm using.

Peter Childs

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:express=# explain select distinct region from region;
----------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
Unique (cost=0.00..4326.95 rows=9518 width=14)
-> Index Scan using regionview_region on region (cost=0.00..4089.00
rows=95183 width=14)
(2 rows)

Thanks for the tip, I'll give this a shot soon. I am curious, your example above does not use GROUP BY yet you have an INDEX SCAN. I am using a similar query, yet I get a full table scan. I wonder how they are different?

I'll try the group by anyway.


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