I'm creating this multi company POS database.
My inventory table looks like (all items are unique):


I have a primary key on id, and then an foreign keys on category_id and
GID is the group ID of the company, UID is the companies user, they are also
connected via foreign key to the respective tables.  My question is this: Do
I need to create more indexes on this table when inventory selects look like

select * from inventory where
 category_id = 1 and invoice_id is null and gid = 2

So where would the indexes need to be placed?  Or since I have the FK setup
are the indexes already in place?  I expect to soon have >500K items in the
inventory table and don't want it to slow down.  I'll have the same type of
issue with clients, invoices, purchase_orders and perhaps more



David Busby
Systems Engineer

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