I am not sure I can do the full vacuum. If my system is doing updates in realtime and needs to be ok 24 hours and 7 days a week non-stop, once I do vacuum full, even on that table, that table will get locked out and any quiery or updates that come in will timeout.

Any suggestion on what to do besides shutting down to
do full vacuum ?

Peter Child also mentions there is indexing bugs.
Is this fixed in 7.3.4 ? I did notice after the database
grew in disk usage, its performance greatly decreases !


Seum-Lim Gan wrote:
I have a table that keeps being updated and noticed
that after a few days, the disk usage has growned to
from just over 150 MB to like 2 GB !

Hmm... You have quite a lot of wasted space there..

I followed the recommendations from the various search of the archives, changed the max_fsm_relations, pages, keep doing vacuum like every minute while the table of interest in being updated. I kept watching the disk space usage and still noticed that it continues to increase.

That will help if your table is in good shape. Otherwise it will have little effect particularly after such amount of wasted space.

Looks like vacuum has no effect.

Its not that.

I did vacuum tablename and don't intend to use
the full option since it locks the table.

You got to do that. simple vacuum keeps a running instance of server clean. But once dead tuples spill to disk, nothing but vacumm full can reclaim that space.

And don't forget, you got to reindex the indexes as well.

Once your table is in good shape, you can tune max_fsm_* and vacuum once a minute. That will keep it good..

I have 7.3.3 running in Solaris 9.

Any recommendation ?



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