Thanks to all the previous suggestions for my previous question. I've done a lot more research and playing around since then, and luckily I think I have a better understanding of postgresql.

I still have some queries that don't use an index, and I was wondering if there were some other tricks to try out?

My system: RH9, PG 7.3.4, IDE, 1 gig RAM, celeron 1.7
My Table Columns (all bigints): start, stop, step1, step2, step3
My Indexes: btree(start), btree(stop), btree(start, stop)
Size of table: 16212 rows
Params: shared_buffers = 128, effective_cache_size = 8192

The Query: explain analyze select * from path where start = 653873 or start = 649967 or stop = 653873 or stop = 649967

The Result:
Seq Scan on "path"  (cost=0.00..450.22 rows=878 width=48) (actual time=0 .08..40.50 rows=1562 loops=1)
 Filter: (("start" = 653873) OR ("start" = 649967) OR (stop = 653873) OR  (stop = 649967))
Total runtime: 42.41 msec

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get that query to use an index? Is it even possible? I did run vacuum analyze right before this test.

I'm only beginning to customize the parameters in postgresql.conf (mainly from tips from this list).

Thanks very much!

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