> I'm running our DBT-2 workload against PostgreSQL 7.3.4 and I'm having
> some trouble figuring out what I should be looking for when I'm trying
> to tune the database.  I have results for a decent baseline, but when I
> try to increase the load on the database, the performance drops.
> Nothing in the graphs (in the links listed later) sticks out to me so
> I'm wondering if there are other database statitics I should try to
> collect. Any suggestions would be great and let me know if I can answer
> any other questions.
> Here are a pair of results where I just raise the load on the
> database, where increasing the load increases the area of the database
> touched in addition to increasing the transaction rate.  The overall
> metric increases somewhat, but the response time for most of the
> interactions also increases significantly:
> http://developer.osdl.org/markw/dbt2-pgsql/158/ [baseline]
>       - load of 100 warehouses
>       - metric 1249.65
> http://developer.osdl.org/markw/dbt2-pgsql/149/
>       - load of 140 warehouses
>       - metric 1323.90

I looked at these charts and they looked normal to me.  It looked like
your the load increased until your computer was saturated.  Is there
something I am missing?

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